Musician, Please Take Heed - God help the Girl

God Help the Girl" è nato da un progetto di Stuart Murdoch, musicista scozzese di rock indie. Uno dei miei pezzi preferiti dell'album (uscito a fine giugno) è proprio questo "Musician Please take heed" (Musicista per favore ascolta) cantato da Catherine Ireton. In questi giorni non riesco a farmela uscire dalla testa, nuovo tormentone.Il sito God Help The Girl.

E n j o y 
I'm all alone, this is a holiday
Some bloody holiday
My friends have gone away
They're of the temporary sort, I think I will be better without
As long as you let me out
To taste the air beside the river
I pick the soundtrack with immaculate care
Such a lot rests upon it
My life upon a song
You don't know how much I need
Musician, please take heed
I thought I might just write a letter
Anything to stay away
From books and lessons today
Besides it's part of my induction
Into the literate world
I am a literate girl
I string the words together softly
I lay my love upon you with each line
A gift of improvising
Removes me from revising
I made a daisy chain from
Phrase, verse, and punctuation
I'll kick this mood off with a change of scene
I bought a leotard and go to the gym
I couldn't get away with wearing in my sweater
But I lost a lot of weight
I think it's down to leaving meat out of my diet as a rule
I won't buy it 'cause it's cruel
And if the nighttime threatens me with pain
I will give in to lust
I will do what I must
I've got a number of a girl
I know Who gets hallucinogens from a pair of hooligans
I'll take a dose, I don't mind trying
She lets me stay there while I leave the ground?
I slow go off beside her
Think that I'll stay til morning
She's got me started yawning...

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